Coming from Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany, Nintendo has posted a 35-minute video showing off the world of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition featuring the game’s producer Hokuto Okamoto as well as series creator Yuji Horii.

The guided tour features various areas of the game's massive world, plus a look at the battle system and an extended preview of the 2D mode previously only available in the Japanese 3DS version of the game. The switch from 3D to 2D occurs around 22 minutes in if you fancy jumping to that in the video below - the exact process isn't shown, but we're told you must save and then begin a story chapter to access the classic 2D style. The 3DS game had both versions playing simultaneously on the two different screens, which obviously wasn't going to work with Switch, but we were hoping for the ability to switch instantly between the two. Oh well!

In the last five minutes of the video they also announce that a demo version of the game is available at this very moment on eShop. There's around ten hours of content included and progress will be transferable to the main game should you decide to dive in when it launches at the end of September.

The game is looking rather special, and the ability to switch from 3D to 2D is a massive nostalgia hit. Hopefully it will prove to truly be the definitive edition when it releases on Switch on 27th September. If nothing else, it's certain to walk the 'Longest Game Title' category when it comes to 2019 Game of the Year season.

We were surprised the video featured so much gameplay - we expected half its runtime to be taken up with the title. Are you excited for Dragon Quest XI: The Longest Game Name In The World Ever - Absolutely Definitely Definitive Edition? Are you downloading the demo as we speak? Let us know with a cheeky comment in the usual place.