Iron Commando

Yet another wave of games set to be released on Evercade have been shared - the upcoming cartridge-based handheld system which can connect to your TV.

You can read all about the new system here if you're not familiar, but for those of you who have seen our previous coverage, let's dive into the good stuff. This latest set of games will be featured on the Piko Interactive - Collection 1 cartridge, and some of them originally appeared on Nintendo's very own NES and SNES. There are one or two rare titles available here.

  • 1. Brave Battle Saga
  • 2. Water Margin
  • 3. Magic Girl
  • 4. Dorke and Ymp
  • 5. Switchblade
  • 6. Way of the exploding fist
  • 7. NightShade
  • 8. Top Racer
  • 9. Tinhead
  • 10. Radical Rex
  • 11. Jim Power – The Lost Dimension
  • 12. 8-Eyes
  • 13. The Immortal
  • 14. Dragon View
  • 15. Drakkhen
  • 16. Power Punch II
  • 17. Power Piggs of the Dark Ages
  • 18. Iron Commando
  • 19. The Humans
  • 20. Canon – Legends of the New Gods


Iron Commando stands out as a particularly rare example. This Super Nintendo game failed to find a western publisher back in the '90s, meaning it only ever saw a relatively limited release in Japan at the time.

The Evercade console launches on 20th March, 2020 - a date likely etched into the brains of Animal Crossing fans. Pre-orders are expected to start popping up soon.