A SNES-style controller for the Nintendo Switch has been spotted thanks to a new FCC filing, which hints that we could see SNES games added to Nintendo Switch Online service sooner rather than later.

The filing – spotted by Restera user Link83 – shows the rear of the controller, complete with the all-important "HAC" model number, which is used by Nintendo to denote Switch hardware and accessories.

Nintendo has already released NES-style Joy-Con controllers for the Switch in support of the fact that free NES games are released monthly as part of its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. In fact, NSO launched on September 18th last year – which means a great many subscribers will be coming up to their renewal point. Will Nintendo use SNES games to lure them in for another 12 months?

What SNES games do you hope to see first on NSO? Let us know with a comment.

[source eurogamer.net, via fccid.io, resetera.com]