Amiibo Shovel Knight

We've had a treasure trove of Shovel Knight news thrown at us over the last few hours, but there's still a little more to dig through. Yacht Club Games has confirmed that the upcoming amiibo three-pack will launch this December, and has also shared some juicy details about what the figures can do in-game.

As you're probably already aware, the three-pack contains figures of Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight, joining the already-released Shovel Knight figure. Every game in the Shovel Knight saga will feature amiibo support, so you can use your new toys with any games you own or buy going forward.

Scanning each amiibo can unlock new cosmetic items (which can be mixed-and-matched with the usual in-game armours) and can also unlock a fairy friend. You can learn more about that in the tweets below.

On top of all this, the new set of amiibo can unlock new platforming challenges in each game's challenge mode.

The studio has promised "more amiibo surprises" in the future, so watch this space for more exciting reveals going forward.

Just hours ago, we were treated to a final release trailer for Shovel Knight: King of Cards and the announcement of a brand new Shovel Knight game - Shovel Knight Dig. Not a bad day!