Nintendo DS

Update: A big thank you to everybody who has already voted when this went live over the weekend - to anyone who missed it, feel free to dive in below and help us rank the top 50 Nintendo DS games ever. Carry on!

Later this year we'll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Nintendo DS, a handheld console that drew scorn and confusion from many when it was first revealed, but evolved from its initial 'third pillar' status to conquer the handheld gaming market and influence Nintendo systems to this very day.


Soon we'll be posting up the 50 best Nintendo DS games ever and, as with our features on the Best Switch Games, Best 3DS Games and the Best Game Boy Games, the ranking will be entirely down to User Ratings from the Nintendo Life Games database. Readers can rate any game they like and after a minimum threshold has been reached, that game becomes eligible for the list according to its overall rating. The ranking is fluid and can fluctuate over time.

We've updated our database to include all Nintendo DS titles and we'd love for you to rate your favourites using the specially designed tool below. Once you're logged in, simply scroll through the alphabetical list and click the star to bring up a rating of 1-10. Click to score your favourites and you're all done! The search bar at the top of the list can be used to save scrolling through 19 (!) pages of games - simply type in the name you're looking for and rate it from the results that pop up. If you need a reminder on a particular game, feel free to click the game title and check out our vintage reviews and screenshots.

So, we invite you to debate sensibly, deliberate seriously, decide speedily and certainly don't stop until you've rated your favourite Nintendo DS games below...

15 years since the DS launched (in North America)?? And we thought the Game Boy's 30th anniversary made us feel old! Thanks for voting - we'll be sharing the results soon, but in the meantime feel free to reminisce about your favourite games with 'D____ S____' crowbarred into the subtitle below...