Breakers Collection

QUByte – the developer behind the recently released VASARA Collection on the Switch eShop – has announced it has acquired the worldwide publishing rights to the fighting franchise, Breakers.

If the name rings a bell, this was a 2D fighting game developed by Visco Corporation (also responsible for Vasara) in 1996 and released in arcades and on SNK's Neo Geo. Its arcade sequel followed in 1998. The Breakers Collection is "coming to PC and consoles" next year and will include both Breakers and Breakers Revenge in a single package.

The original game includes a roster of eight playable characters from all over the world, who come together to compete in a fierce tournament. The sequel adds in additional playable characters, balance adjustments, and even some new gameplay elements. Since this series made its debut, it's developed a cult following over the years.

We've even got a teaser trailer for the Breakers Collection. Take a look below:

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