River City Girls Limited Run BOXART

The beat 'em up genre is alive and well on Nintendo's hybrid device. Earlier this week, DotEmu confirmed Streets of Rage 4 for the system and now the girls from the River City series are vying for your attention as they gear up for their big September release.

To ensure you side with Misako and Kyoko in this fight, WayForward and Limited Run Games have now shown off the collector's edition for River City Girls. It contains a physical copy of the game, an original two-disc soundtrack, double-sided poster, commemorative non-functioning retro cart, VIP Noize concert tickets, Kyoko and Misako school ID cards, Hasebe & Mami heart locket, a menu, kidnapper polaroid photo, and six character art cards.

River City Girls Limited Run Collector's Edition

Pre-orders for the standard physical edition and the collector's edition of River City Girls open on 30th August. To get your own hard copy of the game, be sure to visit the Limited Run Games website. The standard copy of the game will set you back $34.99 USD and the collector's edition (limited 2,500 copies worldwide) is $74.99 USD.

If you're not familiar with this upcoming release, check our article where we spoke to the game's director, Adam Tierney.

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