If you missed the news earlier today, the adorable, quacky nuisance simulator Untitled Goose Game finally secured a release date on Nintendo Switch. We can't wait to get stuck into its pesky delights for ourselves, but before that, there's some merchandise to attend to.

The game's publisher Panic is attending PAX West this weekend, unsurprisingly showing off the game to attendees. If you happen to be heading over to the event yourself, we'd definitely recommend heading over to the Panic booth (#6516 on the 6th floor), partly so that you can get your hands on the super-cool goodies you can see in the image below.

Goose Merch

For those not attending the event, we've done a little digging around and stumbled across this online pop-up store. At the time of writing, it doesn't have any merch available but promises that more will arrive as we get closer to the game's release. If you're desperate for those goosey socks, you might want to keep an eye on this link just in case.

As a reminder, the game will be available to download on Switch from 20th September.