One of the fighting games on the Switch that perhaps deserves some more attention is Blade Strangers by Studio Saizensen and Nicalis. When it arrived in August last year, we said it was the most accessible 2D fighters we had played in years.

If you've been looking for an extra reason to try it out, there is now a free update for the game adding three new characters, additional stages, and music. Joining the roster is adventurer Aban Hawkins (the main protagonist from 1001 Spikes), mystery girl Piaa (the most memorable of the "girlfrfriend" in Doki Doki Poyacchio) and Summer Kawase, an alternate version of Umihara Kawase with a different outfit and move set.

The free update also includes higher-resolution character graphics and numerous gameplay modifications. Seasoned veterans will notice changes in speed, timing, and damage – all of which has been adjusted in the interests of improving gameplay and character balance while preserving the existing combo functionality.

Blade Strangers

Will you be returning to Blade Strangers or trying it out for the first time to check out this update? Tell us below.