On the one hand, we love the simplicity of the Nintendo Switch, and the fact that it acts as a dedicated games console and nothing more is a rather charming thing. On the other, it's sometimes frustrating that we need to boot up another console or device to run things like Netflix, and we wouldn't say no to a simple web browser, either.

As you may well be aware, the Switch, and particularly earlier models of the console, are vulnerable to hacking. This has caused a saddening amount of immoral behaviour and piracy in the past, but also allowed other owners to play around with the system in creative ways at their own risk. One example of this is this new ROM which turns the console into an Android device - Netflix, internet browser, and all.

You can see it all working in the video below from xdadevelopers - the Joy-Con appear to work with most applications natively, and you can even use the seamless docking feature of the console as normal. There are setbacks, too, thanks to the Switch not having a camera, microphone, or GPS (don't expect your Switch to suddenly transform into a giant satnav), but it's an interesting development nonetheless.

If it wasn't clear already, running something like this on your Switch would be entirely at your own risk - this is not a Nintendo-approved action to take. On the plus side for those who do like this sort of thing, the entire ROM actually runs from an SD card rather than the console itself.

Are you still desperate for Netflix, a browser, or other apps? Or are you completely happy with the Switch how it is? We can already sense the 'FOLDERS NOW' comments down below.

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