Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo has revealed that more than four million courses have already been uploaded to Super Mario Maker 2's online hub. How are we ever going to get around to playing them all?

Yes, players all around the world have been designing, building, and uploading their creations for others to try out, creating a small universe worth of levels that can be beamed to your screens through the magic of the internet. It was recently revealed that the game sold 2.42 million copies in its first three days on sale, so we're not surprised to see the number of courses be this high.

If you're looking for new levels to play, or want to share your own creations with other Nintendo Life readers, make sure to head on over to our Super Mario Maker community page. We also have a super-handy guide on how to use all of the game's power-ups in your designs - maybe that can spark some new creative ideas?

Have you been enjoying your time with the game so far? Have you contributed to that four million total? Let us know down below.

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