Shantae 5 Studio TRIGGER

Earlier this week, WayForward revealed the talented Japanese animation studio Trigger would be responsible for the opening scene in the upcoming release, Shantae 5. To celebrate this announcement, some concept art was shared over on Twitter.

While we expected to be waiting much longer to see the final product, this opening animation has now been officially revealed at the 2019 Anime Expo. Fortunately, it's also been shared in all its glory online. Read the description and view the trailer below:

Presenting the Opening Animation for Shantae 5, created by none other than the revered Studio TRIGGER! TRIGGER producer Naoko Tsutsumi (Little Witch Academia) collaborated with Shantae creator Erin Bozon (Futurama) and Matt Bozon (series director) to bring the Shantae characters to life. Vocals for the opening were performed by Cristina Vee (Miraculous Ladybug), featuring an original composition by Mark Sparling and musical arrangement by Maddie Lim.

As you can see, the opening animation inspiration from Studio Trigger's previous work such as Kill la Kill, while featuring a number of familiar faces from the Shantae series. It prompted one fan on social media to ask WayForward if Uncle Mimic would be a playable character the next outing. Unfortunately, though, the developer remains tight-lipped and won't be sharing any gameplay details just yet. Other fans asked about possible DLC and received a similar response. At least Shantae 5 is off to a promising start!

What do you think the above animation? Are you a fan of Studio Trigger's previous work? Looking forward to the half-genie's next outing? Share your thoughts in the comments.