Since the announcement of Shantae 5 for the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, WayForward hasn't given us any other information to really get excited about. Now, though, the developer does have some news to share about the half-genie hero's next outing.

In a recent tweet, it revealed the talented Japanese animation studio Trigger would be responsible for the opening animation in Shantae 5. Here's a look at some of the production artwork so far:

Shantae 5 Concept Art
Shantae 5 Concept Art

Trigger is previously known for its work on Little Witch Academia, its first original anime television series Kill la Kill and has gone on to help out with video games such as Fire Emblem Fates. Unsurprisingly, it's also involved with the upcoming multi-platform release, Kill la Kill: IF.

In the same tweet, WayForward was asked when exactly Shantae 5 would be released. According to the official account, it's still on track for a 2019 release and more details will be revealed soon. One fan also asked if an animated Shantae series could potentially happen now that the developer was collaborating with Trigger. Unfortunately, there are no plans for it at the moment.

Are you looking forward to the release of Shantae 5? Have you played the previous games? Tell us below.