Screenshot Career

As realistic as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn't, there's definitely still scope for more true-to-life racing games on Nintendo's hybrid beastie. That's no doubt the exact thought process going through the minds of BIGBEN and N-Racing as they've announced that their latest internal combustion engine simulator FIA European Truck Racing Championship on the 5th August this year.

The game promises 45 trucks to choose from, 7 faithfully recreated courses straight from the real-life competition of the same name, and 6 others that aren't. 5 single player modes, 5 multiplayer modes, and even local split-screen multiplayer are thrown in as well, meaning if you've had a phenomenally specific truck-racing Switch itch, this could be the thing to scratch it.

The screenshots we've been given do not appear to be from the Switch version of the game, so please bear that in mind whilst you do your ogling.

Are you raring to burn some virtual rubber with too many manual gears? Let us know by chucking us a comment below-wards.