Vblank Entertainment’s Shakedown: Hawaii, the successor to the much-loved Retro City Rampage, has received another update on Nintendo Switch.

This second update - following on from May's 'The Mogul Update' - is called The 'Full Tank' update. As you might expect, this brings new vehicles into the mix including the titular tanks, but we've got a full list of everything new right here:

  • Adds new vehicles including tanks
  • Adds more enforcement types including agents
  • Adds a zoomed-out camera option
  • Adds new shakedown mission scenarios
  • Adds heat system to shakedowns
  • Adds off-island travel from the airport
  • Adds vehicle purchasing
  • Adds transferring funds to other characters
  • Game console in living room is now playable
  • Improves property selection on map screen
  • Misc. bug fixes

Vblank has also provided a comment on the promised 3DS version of the game. It's still very much on the way and is currently in certification; once approved, a release date will be confirmed. The 3DS game will also benefit from the post-release updates.

Have you enjoyed Shakedown: Hawaii on your Switch? Will you be revisiting the game after this update? Let us know down below.