Columns II

Following on from the local release of Wonder Boy: Monster Land and Virtua Racing, Sega has now revealed the next AGES on the way is Columns II: The Voyage Through Time. This classic puzzle game is priced at 999 yen and is "coming soon" to the Japanese Switch eShop.

The game features an arcade mode, featuring two game types: Flash Columns and VS Columns. The first one requires you to match jewels and the second one is all about creating chains to reduce the size of your opponent's field. Here are some additional features (thanks, Gematsu):

  • A stage select feature has been added to Flash Columns, allowing you start from any of the 70 stages.
  • A “Skull Cut” option has been added, which stops the appearance of skulls.
  • The second player’s field can be flipped 180 degrees to play VS Mode face-to-face when the Switch is placed on the floor / table.
  • A “Stage Design” option has been added, which allows you to set the design of the field and jewels to your liking—either “Random” or “Columns I.”
Columns II

Infinite Columns is a new mode being added to the Switch version of Columns II. Its rules are the same as the Arcade Mode's Flash Columns, except it's an endless-style game. The floor will gradually rise after a certain amount of time, and by eliminating flashing jewels, all of the same-coloured jewels will be eliminated.


There'll also be an option to play the Genesis/Sega Mega Drive version of the original Columns. Each time you boot the game up, you can select from one of three background songs.

*This is the same Columns included with the paid “Game Pack” add-on for the Yakuza 0 Companion App for PS Vita.

Network Play

Lastly is the Network VS feature - allowing you to compete against players online in Arcade Mode VS Columns. There's also a bonus feature titled Jewel Box. Here you can check the status of the stages you have cleared and view the following:

Depending on your level of achievement, you will be able to see brief profiles for Round Girl and Round Boy, the characters that appear in the opening movies of Sega Ages titles.

Round Girl

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