Switch Joy Con

After a class action lawsuit was filed against Nintendo of America for its Switch Joy-Con "drifting" issues last week, the video game giant reportedly instructed support service representatives within this region to repair the controllers for free and refund customers who had previously paid.

A day later, we found out this free fix didn't necessarily apply to certain regions outside of North America. Now, though, there's a minor update for Latin America. It's been reportedly confirmed by a Nintendo repair shop located in Costa Rica, that all Switch users in Latin America with faulty Joy-Con are able to get free repairs.

ResetEra user Atheerios further clarified:

"Nintendo has communicated every authorized distributor in LATAM to offer free repairs."

If you're located in Latin America and have a Switch Joy-Con with drift issues, visit Nintendo.com to find details for an authorised repair shop in your area.

Alternatively, you can try and resolve the problem yourself with our handy step-by-step guide and video.

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