Dr Mario World

Early this week, Nintendo released its fifth mobile game, Dr. Mario World. The game modernises the classic action puzzle formula with a unique touchscreen twist and online multiplayer. So, how has it been received by the general public?

According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, there were more than two million installs within the first 72 hours. In contrast, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had 6 million downloads in the same period, Fire Emblem Heroes had 4.9 million downloads and Super Mario Run had just over 4 million downloads. Dr. Mario, however, did rack up seven times as many installs as the brand-new IP, Dragalia Lost. In saying this, the Cygames-developed title had a rather limited launch.

In terms of in-app transactions, players have already spent an estimated $100,000 on Dr. Mario World since it launched. This makes it Nintendo's lowest grossing mobile game release so far. In contrast, Fire Emblem banked a cool $11.6 million over the same period of time, and even Dragalia Lost managed to pull an extra $150,000. Still, Dr. Mario World has done quite well when considering the series it is based on and the limited amount of marketing it received leading into its release.

Sensor Tower Dr Mario World
Image: Sensor Tower

Were you one of the people who downloaded Dr. Mario World in the first 72 hours? Have you made any in-app purchases yet? Leave a comment below.

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