Nintendo's latest offering in the world of mobile gaming, Dragalia Lost, is now available to download for free on Android and iOS.

Strangely, since its initial reveal back in May this year, we haven't really seen a great deal of hype surrounding this new dragon-based adventure. Nintendo actually aired a special Direct dedicated to it, and there has been a steady trickle of trailers since then, too, but fans appear to have remained on the fence about the title for the most part. Now, though, it's time to get stuck in and see what it's like first hand.

The game was officially rolled out to mobile stores yesterday on the 27th September, although it's currently only available in the US, Japan, Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We're still yet to hear of any news for other regions such as Europe (where store searches for the game show no results), so this truly appears to be exclusive to those regions for now.

If you've missed previous announcements on this, Dragalia Lost is an action RPG with touchscreen controls being used to dish out simple and magic attacks. You can also transform into a dragon and unleash special attacks that way, and the story sounds quite intriguing, too, so we'd urge you to try it out if you can.

Will you be giving Dragalia Lost a go? Do you live in a region where it's unavailable, hoping for it to be released there in the future? Let us know with a comment below.