PQube and Indonesian developer Studio Namaapa have announced Ciel Fledge for Nintendo Switch, a daughter-raising simulation game.

In a future world that has just been attacked by a destructive alien force, players must take care of a mysterious young girl called Ciel. Adopting her into your care, you'll need to raise her through her younger years until she's ready to head out into the big wide world.

The new trailer above gives you a decent sense of the gameplay here; Ciel will be able to take on classes, hobbies, or other activities like playing with friends, and you'll manage her time by creating a detailed schedule.

You'll also help her through school, finding a part-time job, or you can just spend time together. PQube says that your decisions will have "a massive impact on her life" and will also have an effect on which story outcome you experience.

The game launches on Switch this autumn; further details such as pricing are yet to be revealed.

We've just had Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator on Switch and now this, too. The simulation genre is wild...