Speeding onto a Switch near you later this month is Rise: Race The Future, a game its developer says has been described by players as being "at the crossroads of Ridge Racer, Sega Rally and F-Zero".

Set in a near future where drifty futuristic cars, smooth powerslides, jumps, and water zones are the norm, Rise: Race The Future is inspired by old-school rally arcade games. It features "technical racetracks" which mix multiple routes, water zones, jumps and drifting sections; several boost systems; "realistic physics" which have been tweaked to enhance powersliding; and more.

Here's a feature list for you to check out:

- 64 Challenge races with multiple goals
- 8 Championships (64 races)
- Time Attack with ghost
- 10 cars (with 3 decals and 5 colors per car)
- 4 worlds (with 3 track types : fast, intermediate, twisty / 16 combinations per world)
- 4 ambiances per world (day, sunset, rain, fog...)
- 3 boost modes
- 5 camera views
- 4 difficulty levels

It'll be launching on Switch on 22nd July for $16.49, so there isn't long to wait if you want to check this one out.

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