Ryuko Matoi

In March, the western publisher of the upcoming release Kill la Kill: IF informed fans the title would "be the same across all regions" and platforms. Now, just weeks out from the game's release, Arc System Works has published a statement of sorts over on Twitter, reconfirming it will be the same across all regions:

As explained by Siliconera, Arc System Works previously confirmed this back in May, when the official game website was updated. If you visit the page, you'll see a chart, and at the very bottom is the following message:

There are no alterations to the game's visuals (costumes and etc.) between the regions and platforms.

It's easy to understand why fans were so concerned when there are some rather revealing moments in the anime. Fortunately, there's no need to worry, as the game is the same across all regions.

If you're curious about this title but are not completely sure if it's right for you, there'll be a demo released alongside the game's Switch launch on 25th / 26th July. It includes a total of four characters, a versus mode and the first story mode chapter. The game is now also available to pre-order from the eShop.

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