Descenders, the downhill mountain bike racer, has been on our radar for nearly two years now. We first reported on the game coming to Switch way back in July 2017. Later in August publisher No More Robots told us the response had been 'incredible', but in March the following year (after the PC release in February 2018) we heard that developer RageSquid was prioritising the PS4 and Xbox One ports and that the Switch version would take "a lot of work" to get right.

After that things went worryingly quiet, although thankfully that seems to be due to the hard work going into the port - the above trailer appears to signal that the Switch version is nearing completion. It's certainly been a long time coming on Switch and we're still lacking a solid release date.

Going into detective mode for a moment, Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition is scheduled to be publisher No More Robots' first Switch release and that's coming "within a few months", so hopefully we'll see Descenders skidding downhill before the end of the year, at least.

With the subtitle 'Extreme - Procedural - Freeriding', the trailer gives us the sort of feeling we'd hope to get from a 1080 Snowboarding or Excitebike 64. Whether it can live up to those lofty standards is a question to come, but it's good to see Descenders still alive and kicking on Switch and we're excited to see how it holds up on Nintendo's console.

Excited to see Descenders still Switch-bound? Have you played the game elsewhere? Let us know if it's something to look forward to below.