We've just got word from new publishing label No More Robots that its first signing will be an extreme downhill freeriding game called Descenders, which should be arriving on all consoles sometime next year - including Nintendo Switch, of course.

Descenders is being developed by none other than RageSquid, who have previously made the lovely Action Henk. Descenders throws players into the high-octane world of downhill biking, where every jump, whip and scrub will earn Rep points for you and your team - but with the risk that you might lose it all with just one badly timed landing.

The game features a fully-fledged physics system which allows players to string together incredible trick combos and Rep points, as they make your way down the mountain and attempt to reach the bottom unscathed. Descenders features procedurally-generated worlds, so no two runs are ever the same.

With a whole host of team-based community features promised, it looks like this will be one to watch out for next year. See you on the leaderboards!