The Pokémon Company is teaming up with Chinese giant Tencent's Timi Studio Group to release yet another new game for the series, it has been confirmed.

No specific details for the game have been shared as of yet, although Timi Studio's history would suggest that it might be another title designed for mobile platforms, joining several other Pokémon games which have been revealed over recent months. The company is currently working on the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile, which unsurprisingly plans to bring key elements of the shooter franchise to smartphones.


Tencent's relationship with Nintendo has been blooming as of late, with the company forming a 'Nintendo Cooperation Department' and getting the go-ahead to distribute Switch consoles in China.

Naturally, we'll make sure to update you with any further news on this game as and when it arrives.

What are you hoping it could be? Share your wildest dreams in the comments below.

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