Super Mario Maker 2 is an incredible piece of software that allows you to create all kinds of Mario-related stages and share them with your friends (and enemies).

The sheer scope of Nintendo's game makes it a must-have on Switch, and also makes the achievement of 14-year-old Claptrap9 all the more impressive; they've taken the core of Super Mario Maker 2 and recreated it within LittleBigPlanet 3 (the same user also recreated the original Super Mario Maker within the game a while back, in case the name seems familiar).

That's right – a game making engine within a game-making engine. It's like game making-engine Inception.

The video from GameXplain above digs in a little, and while it's not perfect – those trademark Mario-style physics aren't quite there – it's stunning how much has been carried over. It even has sloped tiles, for crying out loud.

When you consider this is the work of a single, 14-year-old individual, it really does make your jaw drop. Given that Media Molecule's next game, Dreams, is even more expansive in terms of scope, we could be in for some even more stunning examples of game-within-game cloning in the future.

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