The next Zelda game due out on the Switch is the remake of Link's Awakening. After playing the demo of it at E3 2019, Digital Foundry has now uploaded a video comparing this new version to the Game Boy original, while taking a look at how it's shaping up in terms of performance.

In docked mode, the game "bounces" between 30 and 60fps. As this is a demo, it's worth pointing out nothing here is necessarily final and that Nintendo has a strong track record when it comes to performance in its games. In terms of resolution in docked mode, the game is running at "roughly 1404 x 792" and the image quality is said to be "reasonably consistent" with various other Switch games, but it's not considered to be its strong point right now.

The game is also believed to be running on the Unreal Engine, much like Yoshi's Crafted World. In addition to this, Grezzo previously listed a job posting a "couple years back" seeking an individual with Unreal Engine experience. Yoshi's latest outing started out in a "rough state" and was "beautiful" on release.

Apart from this, it's worth highlighting the attention to detail included in this newer version of the game - which perfectly recreates the details of the original. The audio is just as delightful. For more about how this upcoming Switch release compares to its classic counterpart, view the video above.

If you would like to find out even more about our Link's Awakening ahead of its release, be sure to read our hands on at E3 2019, which includes the first 10 minutes of gameplay.

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