In what is quite possibly one of the best videos of all time, and amazingly relevant considering what's been going on in the world of Nintendo this week, you're about to see Cadence of Hyrule guitarist FamilyJules rock out to a classic Banjo-Kazooie track with none other than the game's original composer, Grant Kirkhope. Unless you've already watched it, that is.

Yes, yesterday saw the launch of Cadence of Hyrule - Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda (blimey, what a title) on Nintendo Switch. If you've already started playing it, you'll know that the music is incredible, and FamilyJules is the wonderfully talented man behind the guitars on the game's soundtrack.

FamilyJules just so happens to have a YouTube channel, and he also just so happens to know Grant Kirkhope, a British composer who worked on classic Rare N64 games like Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye 007, as well as modern greats like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Banjo's Smash reveal has resulted in waves of love from fans of the series finding its way to Kirkhope's Twitter account, and rightly so; his music is up there with the very best in the gaming world in our opinion.

Which brings us back to the video in question (up above). FamilyJules explains how the video came about:

"The man I'm playing guitar with in this video was probably one of the most important musical influences of my life. When I was a child and all the kids in the classroom wanted to sing old mcdonald, I was the kid who wanted to sing Spiral Mountain!

So to not only get to go to his frickin' HOUSE, but to have the privilege of getting to jam with him is absolutely out the scope of words for me. I met Grant a few years ago at PAX West, and then at Danny Baranowsky's wedding we got to talk a whole lot and I asked him if he wanted to do a video with me. I was so excited when he said yes."

If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for? We'll be having this on repeat for the rest of the day.