Tetris Royale

Nintendo Switch Online's killer app, Tetris 99, is about to come up against a brand new rival. We never would have expected there to ever be a battle royale version of Tetris on the market, never mind two!

The newcomer is simply called Tetris Royale, a mobile game that has been born thanks to a partnership between The Tetris Company and mobile developer N3twork. No footage or screenshots of the game have been released, but it seems to be a very similar concept to the game on Switch - albeit with 100 players instead of 99.

We're also yet to hear about pricing or full availability, but we do wonder if this will have any impact on the success of Nintendo's Online services. At present, Tetris 99 remains one of the best things to come from the service, and it likely persuaded plenty of fans to sign up when it first released. Would a reasonably priced smartphone game ruin Tetris 99's pull? We can't imagine it causing too much of a bother, but it'll be interesting to see how the two games compare nonetheless.

Tetris Royale will launch on iPhone and Android devices, as well as iPad, with a beta set to take place later this year. It is said to be the first game which will appear as part of the new partnership, with more expected to follow as the multiyear deal progresses.

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