Just Shovels And Knights

Everyone's favourite indie hero Shovel Knight is at it again, this time collaborating with the musical bullet-hell game, Just Shapes & Beats. Yes, Yacht Club's fearless knight will soon appear in his very own update for Berzerk Studio's game, fittingly titled: Just Shovels & Knights.

This update was revealed during Nintendo's Japanese Indie World presentation. Based on what was on display, you'll be able to bop along to the songs from Shovel Knight's side-scrolling adventure, including the theme songs for King Knight and Plague Knight. Shovel Knight's music was originally handled by the talented American composer, Jake Kaufman.

This future update will follow on from the recently released 'Hardcore' mode, celebrating Just Shapes & Beats first birthday. If you haven't tried out this game yet, we highly recommend it. Learn more about it in our review.

Are you excited about Yacht Club's indie hero appearing in Just Shapes & Beats? Have you tried out the new mode? Tell us below.

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