Capcom's PS2 action game Devil May Cry has received the Switch port treatment and launches today on your favourite hybrid handheld. To celebrate this fact (and get newbies up to speed on some of the principal players in the game), Capcom has released some short trailers on the Devil May Cry YouTube channel showing some opening cutscenes and gameplay introducing the world of Dante and co.

The classic hack and slash game follows the exploits of Dante as he battles demons with style and avenges the murder of his mum. The title screen intro sets the mood, as you can see above. The next trailer shows the opening crawl text introducing Dante's ol' dad, Sparda:

We also get introduced to Trish, her motorcycle and her exposition-filled opening dialogue:

Two further trailers introduce boss Phantom (big lava spider) and Dante's sword Alastor (that last one is a bit grizzly, in a PS2-era graphical way).

The game on Switch is a version of the HD port that appeared in 2018 and it's on eShop as we write for the sum of £15.99. Beware, though, that you'll need nearly 10GB of free space to download it (9904.85 MB, to be precise, according to the eShop page), so make sure you've got the gigabytes to spare if you fancy taking Dante and his perfect hair for a spin. Unfortunately, Capcom has no plans to release a physical version.

Will you be picking up this up and reliving the early-2000s on-the-go? Would you prefer a physical version? Let us know below.