Heroes 2

Nintendo is almost certain to release a new Switch SKU this year, with rumours suggesting that it will be a "brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient" take on the current version.

While we ponder exactly what form this new console will take, industrial designer Olivier Raymond has allowed his imagination to take flight with a series of convincing renders for what he's calling the "Nintendo Switch Up".

While this dream console lacks detachable Joy-Con, it comes with a "Clever Dock" that allows it to stream gameplay in 1080p to the console itself, recreating the kind of dual-screen gameplay the Wii U was capable of. Because of the dock's new magnetic connection design, players can attach optional battery packs for improved stamina when they're on the move.

Whenever new hardware is mooted we always get a flood of fan-made concepts and renders, but Raymond's work is pretty outstanding. He's even gone as far as to create packaging and give each colour variant a unique name: Phazon Black, Cloud White, Master Blue, Iggy Green, Ink Pink and Atomic Purple.

You can check out Raymond's other work here. Let us know what you think of his concept by posting a comment below.

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