Pokemon Sleep

In April, a report from Japanese business journal Nikkei suggested Nintendo's 'Quality of Life' department had been axed.

Now, at Nintendo's 79th Shareholders meeting, the company has provided an update on the current state of its 'QoL' initiative, briefly explaining how "development is continuing" and clarifying it is not linked to the recently announced mobile app, Pokémon Sleep. Here is a translation (thanks, Cheesemeister):

A while ago, we announced that we were trying a new business developing a product that would increase quality of life. Development is continuing. We cannot yet proudly announce it as a Nintendo product. Pokemon Sleep is the Pokemon Company's and not related to Nintendo's QOL.

Roughly a month after the above-mentioned Nikkei report surfaced, The Pokémon Company revealed Pokémon Sleep was in development at its 2019 press conference. Adding to this was the announcement of a new device – Pokémon GO Plus + as well as the confirmation Nintendo of America and Niantic were helping out.

While there was speculation at the time of this reveal that the sleep app was linked to Nintendo's 'QoL' initiative, at least now it's been cleared up this is not the case.

Are you curious to find out what QoL tech Nintendo is working on? Will you be trying out Pokémon Sleep? Tell us below.

[source nintendoenthusiast.com]