Pokemon Sleep

The Pokémon Company has revealed a new app titled Pokémon Sleep is in development. It promises to provide a gameplay experience unlike any other, by tracking user's sleep patterns. Select Button – the team behind Magikarp Jump – is handling this one and it's due out in 2020. More details about this app will be revealed at a later date.

We’re pleased to announce the development of Pokémon Sleep, a new app from @Pokemon_cojp that tracks a user’s time sleeping and brings a gameplay experience unlike any other!

Adding to this announcement was the reveal of a new device: Pokémon GO Plus +. This new accessory can be used as a regular Pokémon GO Plus during the day and then at night time it will track sleep with its embedded accelerometer, sending information to a smartphone device via Bluetooth. It was also confirmed Nintendo of America and Niantic are helping out.

Pokemon Go Plus Plus

To celebrate this announcement, Pokémon GO on mobile is running a special sleeping Snorlax event.

Are you interested to find out more about this new sleeping app? What do you think of the GO Plus +? Tell us below.

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