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No you’re not dreaming – it really happened. Nintendo has confirmed that Banjo the bear and his sarcastic breegull pal Kazooie are joining the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this autumn.

The duo from Rare's classic N64 platformer Banjo-Kazooie were teased with a troll move not dissimilar to the King K. Rool reveal. Duck Hunt dog threw a jiggy into DK’s den pretending to be the Kong’s erstwhile Rareware stablemates before sniggering. Soon, though, the real deal arrived and a generation of gamers wept real tears.

Yep, the duo are back – possibly as shadow fighters of the Duck Hunt duo – and along with them comes the brilliant Grant Kirkhope music and a Spiral Mountain stage. We also spotted Bottles the Mole, Gruntilda the Witch and even the Mighty Jinjonator.

There’s no confirmation of the original games coming to Switch or the compilation package Rare Replay making an appearance on the system, but after this reveal – something that fans have been dreaming of for so long that it became something of a joke – who can say what the future holds!

Microsoft and Nintendo sitting in a tree - we’re so happy! Go on, share your thoughts below. We’re off for a little cry…