The Switch eShop is about to get battered, beaten and bruised thanks to the arrival of a new death-defying platformer. Never Give Up arrives on Nintendo's hybrid machine this August.

The game comes from Armor Games Studios - creators of the original Give Up web game series - and Massive Monster, which last year released the charming The Adventure Pals on Switch. Described to us as a "brutally hardcore platformer", Never Give Up looks like it'll be the type of game where you very much want to give up, before remembering just how much satisfaction you'll receive when you succeed at its devilish challenges.

It's the biggest instalment in the franchise to date, with more than 150 stages of buzzsaws, guided missiles, giant rhino mechs, huge boss battles and other not-so-friendly gizmos to get past. Getting through each stage only makes things even harder, however, as every time you beat a level, another element gets thrown into the mix to up the challenge.

As you can likely tell from the trailer above, the game looks like an ideal test for speedrunners. Indeed, the game actually has leaderboards and a built-in splits timer so that you can track and perfect your chosen route for each stage. You'll also stumble across costumes, collectables, and secrets if that's more your thing, and there'll be a healthy dose of humour present with Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson starring as a vocal cast member.

The game's release date has been scheduled in for 13th August, when it'll launch on Switch, PC and Mac.

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