NBA 2K19

Remember the unbelievable sale last week for NBA 2K19 on the North American eShop and multiple other digital platforms? The game received a limited-time 95 percent discount, taking it from the regular price of $59.99 all the way down to just $2.99. Even people who don't play sports games on a regular basis found this deal hard to pass up.

Unfortunately, though, some of these new players got quite the shock when they were seemingly forced to watch "unskippable ads" in their paid game before each session. Sure enough, It led to immediate outrage and a lot of confusion online. Although these 2KTV advertisements are being reported elsewhere as a new addition to the game, this is apparently not the case.

According to veteran ballers, these in-game video ads are nothing new and can be disabled in the game's settings menu. Reddit user Totalnoob18 cleared things up over on the Xbox One subreddit:

"You can turn off 2k tv in the setting. Wont gonna get the ads, nor that [removed] tv before games."

A Reddit user on the PC Gaming subreddit known as iHicham added to this:

"yeah those ads aren't new at all"

Eventually, this information spread to multiple subreddits – including the Nintendo Switch one. While it's still a questionable practice for developers and publishers to insert video advertisements within paid games, it's now at least clear new players can disable the 2KTV in the settings menu.

Did you pick up NBA 2K19 during the recent sale? Are you holding out for NBA 2K20? Share your thoughts below.