After ongoing rumours, Assassin's Creed III Remastered has finally been released on the Switch. So, how does it hold up? According to the team over at Digital Foundry, this version of the game is all over the shop.

Docked, the game runs at 1080p – which is a rather significant boost compared to the 720p display in the Wii U release. While this technically bumps the Switch version up to base-level PlayStation 4 output, the image quality isn't anywhere near as refined as other new generation counterparts.

Despite being a port of a PlayStation Vita game, the Liberation HD component of the remaster also suffers. The Switch displays this game at 1600x900 and it ends up looking quite rough around the edges on the big screen. Fortunately, both games in the Remastered edition run at 720p in portable mode and the small screen does a good job hiding the many flaws. To top it off, the audio quality in the Switch iteration has been heavily compressed, due to the limited file size. The result of this is muffled music and low-end voice quality and sound effects.

In terms of framerate, the base Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game run at 30fps. In contrast, the Switch version runs at 30fps – outperforming the Wii U release by a few frames. Unfortunately, it struggles to maintain this, dropping all the way down to the 24fps. Portable play is typically a smoother experience. As for Liberation HD, the frame rate is unlocked in docked mode (ranging from 20-40fps) and in handheld, it's capped at 30fps. To sum it up, it's better to play this game in portable mode on the Switch, but right now in its current state, Assassin's Creed III on the Switch is hard to recommend.

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