Labo VR is a great introduction to the world of Virtual Reality for Switch owners, but the much-hyped VR support it brings to Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a little disappointing – we found that it was disorienting enough to make us feel quite unwell, in fact.

Part of this is down to the fact that the Labo VR headset is never actually attached to your head, and you have to use the Joy-Con connected to the Switch itself. It's not the most comfortable of setups, which is why Sweat Proof Gaming has released the 'Comfort Set' for Labo VR, which consists of some foam pads and a strap which allows you to use Labo VR hands-free.

Installation is easy – the strap itself simply fits around the Switch and doesn't require you to modify the Labo VR headset in any way – but does it make Zelda any less nauseating? Watch the video above to find out.