Katana Zero

Katana Zero developer Askiisoft has issued an urgent warning via social media, informing Nintendo Switch players not to update to the latest version of the game as it has the ability to corrupt save data.

"Please don't update Katana ZERO on Switch. This update is not supposed to be live yet and it will corrupt your save file. This will be fixed immediately."

Askiisoft further explained how updating the game would not delete existing data but would warn players the save file was corrupted and ask them to reset it. Ideally, it's best not to touch this game in the meantime.

"Updating the game will not delete your save. If you boot the updated version, the game will say that your save file is corrupted and ask if you want to reset it. If you don't reset it, then you'll be fine."

Fortunately, the problem has already been resolved, but it's likely going to take a few days before the patch goes live. According to the official Kantana Zero Twitter account, there'll be a cheat code within the next patch, allowing players to recover their progress if they accidentally reset their save file.

"There will be a cheat code in the next patch to instantly beat the game, allowing you to recover progress if you've already reset your save."

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