Get over here!

Following the release of Mortal Kombat 11 last month, it's now been confirmed a new Mortal Kombat movie, in the form of a reboot, is on the way.

The Warner Bros. action film will be shot in South Australia and is being led by the Malaysian-born Australian producer James Wan, who is best known for his work on the Saw series, Furious 7 and more recently Aquaman. Pre-production is already underway and filming is set to take place between September and December.

Simon McQuoid, who is making his directorial debut, said the film would channel the "core essence" of the characters featured in Mortal Kombat but would go "deeper" than the video game series.

"We've gone back to the absolute sort of source material and we've taken that and we are turning that into an epic world."

Executive producer E.Bennett Walsh believes South Australia is the ideal location for a movie like this and explained how it would be the biggest film production the state had ever seen.

"It's the biggest production that's ever been in Adelaide, that's for sure, and because it's an action-adventure film, the requirements are so much more and it goes into manufacturing and it goes into just the amount of people we have to hire."

Larry Kasanoff, Micahel Clear and Sean Robins have also been named as executive producers. Todd Garner will be another producer on the film and the screenplay is being handled by the longtime gamer Greg Russo.

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