A new trailer for the investigative visual novel Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa has been released and it introduces you to the students of Fujisawa Academy who you'll be getting to know as you work to uncover the mysteries of the title.

By confronting your classmates after discovering their secrets, Kotodama duels will apparently enable you to 'literally strip away the lies and uncover the truth'. We think publisher PQube has confused the word 'lies' with 'clothes', and 'truth' with..., well... Ahem. Moving on!

The official blurb gives a run down of the eight students which we shall reproduce for you now:

Namani Kagura
A real bundle of energy, endlessly optimistic and a real chatterbox. She’s the first friend you make at the Academy and is super-eager to give you the grand tour of the campus. She’s obsessed with ‘The Curse of Mikoto’.

Honoka Ichinose
Super shy and timid, she’s a quiet girl that’s universally well liked. Honoka is a real animal lover, and likes nothing more than getting close to nature, but here’s the thing – Animals really don’t seem to love her back.

Shuji Toyama
Fujisawa Academy’s track and field ace. He’s the most popular guy in school – so much so, he even has his own fan club. A decent and level headed guy, Shuji’s times have been slipping recently and these days he seems a little distracted…

Yukino Tsubaki
Considered the spoilt rich kid by pretty much everyone at the Academy. She’s hard-nosed and frosty even at the best of times. Quick to temper and not one to suffer fools gladly – she also has a pretty big grudge against Nanami Kagura

Wakaba Asagiri
President of the Occult Research Club, or ORC, for short. Wakaba is smart, funny and responsible. There are a number of unsolved mysteries at the Academy and she’s made it her goal to uncover the truth – with your help.

Kujo Satsuki
A stickler for the rules, and hands-down the smartest student at the Academy. He’s a pretty no-nonsense guy and a great source of information about the academy and its secrets – one of which he may just be a little bit too close to.

Chinatsu Hachisuka
Always on patrol around the Academy, Chinatsu likes nothing more than letting students know they’ve stepped out of line. Bossy doesn’t even cover it – but is she really so perfect herself? Seems like she’s overcompensating for something…

Mikoto Sasaki
Before Kujo Satsuki, Mikoto was Fujisawa’s brightest star. An incredible student and athlete, she was the real deal - that is, before she killed herself. Loved by everyone, her death now haunts the academy as the mysterious ‘Curse of Mikoto’.

Pre-orders are now open on the European eShop, with US pre-orders coming in two weeks. Included with the physical edition are five exclusive art cards and some sticker sheets with chibi versions of the eight characters.


What kinds of secrets could these college kids and the academy itself be hiding, do you suppose? Are you tempted to pre-order Kotodama? Let us know below.