Protoculture Games has announced an expansion pack for Switch shoot 'em up Devil Engine including new stages, new music and more. The game released in February this year and this expansion will launch later in 2019 alongside a PS4 version.

According to the company, the expansion will launch as DLC on Switch and include the following:

- 6 new stages, doubling the size of the game
- New arranged soundtrack by a variety of veteran composers, such as Shinji Hosoe (Street Fighter EX), Saitama Saisyu Heiki (Koihime Enbu) and Loser Kashiwagi (CHO REN SHA 68K)
- Fan favorite secret ship "Scathach" is now available from the start
- All new ship "Boudicca", exclusive to Ignition
- New unlockable shaders and features to customize your game
- A new announcer powered by Vocaloid technology

Protoculture also shared the following picture on its Twitter account highlighting the pedigree behind its arranged soundtrack:


We liked Devil Engine when we reviewed it back in February, awarding it an 8/10 and giving the following verdict:

[Devil Engine] has at least been designed in a way that encourages even the weakest players to keep trying and learn from their mistakes. The drip-feed of content is an effective incentive to pick yourself up and have just one more go, and although it is at times brutally difficult – even when compared to other tricky 2D shooters – it has the depth and variety to maintain your interest, and when you're at a competent level it's a heck of a lot of fun.

Although we considered it, Devil Engine wasn't quite good enough to make it onto our list of the best shmups on Switch. We hope that this extra content will give the game a shot in the arm and make it a contender when it launches this winter.

Are you a fan of the vanilla game? Will you be investigating this extra content? Share your thoughts in the usual place.