Indie developer Studio Evil and publisher Intragames have revealed that Super Cane Magic ZERO is launching on Nintendo Switch on 30th May.

The game follows a party of crazy characters on a mission to save the world of WOTF from a magical dog who has taken out the internet, coated the Moon in chocolate, and caused an army of horrifying vegetables to rise up and wreak havoc. This isn't quite your typical RPG, then.

Here's a quick description from a press release sent out today:

"Hack and slash through a salad with up to four players and help rebuild WOTF in a 20-plus hour campaign featuring a mélange of handcrafted and procedurally-generated dungeons teeming with places to explore and gear to loot. Save the six powerful wizards to unlock abilities across seven strange upgrade trees. Eat most of the items in the world – but remember, just because you can eat whatever you want, doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with the side effects!"

Are you liking the look of this one? Just enough crazy to justify a purchase? Let us know if you'll be giving this one a whirl in the comments below.