If you play action-adventure games similar to The Legend of Zelda on a regular basis, appreciate cel-shaded visuals and have experienced a Ni no Kuni game before, Baldo by Naps Team – for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – might be worth keeping an eye on.

The first trailer for this game has been exclusively published by IGN. Apart from this, there's no other information available. All we do know is it's coming to the above-mentioned platforms in the future.

The gameplay trailer below gives us our first look at the top-down action adventure. There appears to be plenty of dungeon crawling, puzzle-solving and exploration. It also seems like you'll meet many different characters and encounter a variety of monsters in the wild.

As for the finer details, such as story, we guess we'll find out more in time. For now, though, enjoy the stunning trailer below and view some additional screenshots, courtesy of the game's Twitter and Facebook page.

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