Nintendo mobile app

If you have the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, you can now download a new update taking it to version 1.5.0.

Sadly, there are no new features (or even any much-needed overhauls of its current features) that are really worth exploring. With other apps like Discord and Skype offering better, more convenient ways to communicate with friends while gaming, the Switch Online app could really do with some big changes.

Here are the full patch notes should you want to update your app:

- Various improvements have been made for performance and ease of use, including changes to button locations.
- Various issues are now resolved.
- The supported Android versions have changed. Android version 5.0 or higher is now required to use this app.

- Various performance and usability improvements implemented, including changing the button display position.
- Bug fixes implemented.
- Supported iOS versions changed. To use this app, iOS 10.0 or later is now required.

It's a shame really - the Splatnet feature is a lovely little addition for Splatoon 2, and if the app worked just like Discord but with your Switch friends list easily accessible it'd be great. Hopefully some bigger changes are in the works.

Do you use the Switch Online app to play with friends? Do you use an alternative, or perhaps even forget about playing with friends online altogether? Let us know down below.

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