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If you're familiar with collecting rare Japanese retro games, then the name Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer will no doubt ring a bell. Released exclusively in Japan in 1992, this horizontally-scrolling shooter from Masaya barely caused a ripple in the west at the time of release – partly because it was never published in the US or in Europe – but it quickly gained an enviable reputation a few years later, with its scarcity and overall quality quickly causing its stock to rise as word-of-mouth spread via the internet.

These days, Gley Lancer regularly changes hands for triple-digit sums, and while there are more expensive Mega Drive games, it's one of the crown jewels of any Sega fan's collection. Thankfully, Japanese publisher Columbus Circle (under licence from Extreme, which owns Masaya's IP) is about to give players a shot at owning this title without having to sell a kidney. The company will re-release Gley Lancer in June, with a price of 5,980 yen (£41 / $53).


As you can see, the new release will gain a fresh cover design, and will work on the original Mega Drive (obviously) as well as more recent hardware clones. Will you be ordering this? Let us know with a comment.