Youkai Namco

Long before Level-5 launched its Yo-Kai Watch video game series on Nintendo hardware, there was an old school Famicom game released in 1988 about the supernatural monsters, creatures, spirits, ghosts and demons commonly found in Japanese folklore.

The game we're referring to is Youkai Douchuuki. It starred a young boy named Tarosuke, who had to travel to Jigoku (Hell) while fighting off evil spirits at the same time and finding out his fate once and for all, from Buddha. The game also had branching paths and five different endings.

A fan of this Namco-made action-platformer known as jackic, has now created an English translation patch. While it's already easy enough to make sense of this platformer, anyone eager to try this patch out will now be able to read all the game's text in English.

Yesterday, we also found out The Great Ace Attorney (known as Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken in Japan) for the 3DS, would receive a fan patch, making the game fully playable in English. Find out more about it here.

Have you heard about Youkai Douchuuki before? Ever wanted to try it out in English? Tell us down below.

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