The Great Ace Attorney (known as Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken in Japan) launched on Nintendo 3DS in that region alone back in 2015. It went on to release on Android and iOS in Japan, too, but despite a significant amount of fan demand, the game has never made it over to the west.

Capcom's official stance on the matter has always been that there won't be a western release for the game, although Capcom UK did once get fans' hopes up in a teasing tweet. Now, though, fans have taken it upon themselves to launch a version that is fully playable in English.

The release comes via the folks at Scarlet Study, who have been slowly launching the game in episodes. At this stage, all episodes are complete and those that were released earlier have been tweaked further, too. You can see the project's progress and how everything looks in this video below.

More is on the way - the team are planning a release for Android and are still working on adding the game's 3DS manual - but those interested can give it a whirl now. You can find out more via the Scarlet Study website (note that, if it wasn't already obvious, this isn't an official release approved by Nintendo or Capcom).

Have you always wanted to try this one out? Do you wish the game had been officially launched in the west? Tell us below.