Cyber Shadow Cropped

Ninja-themed games have had quite a resurgence in recent times. Most recently, Yacht Club Games announced it would be publishing the 8-bit action platformer Cyber Shadow on multiple platforms, including the Switch.

In a recent interview with Destructoid, Yacht Club revealed its partnership with Aarne Hunziker from Mechanical Head Studios didn't happen overnight. In fact, Hunziker, who had been working on Cyber Shadow for a number of years, originally had "no intention" of teaming up with a publisher, so it took Yacht Club some time to convince him. Here's a transcription, courtesy of GoNintendo:

"...(MekaSkull) had no intention of grabbing a publisher, but we just kept trying to coax him into joining our little family, and here he is. ...Bringing more notoriety to the game has been cool, but I feel like we're just letting it show for itself. It was already cool. That's why we went after it to begin with... and initially, he did say no, but we managed to convince him over time that it was a good idea... working together, we built a trust. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, just like Cyber Shadow... You only get three hit[point]s, at least for the demo."

On a separate but related note, Cyber Shadow doesn't share "much in common" with The Messenger, either. According to Destructoid, it's like comparing Ninja Gaiden to Shinobi. Cyber Shadow is supposedly about action and tech-powered fights against mech monstrosities whereas The Messenger is more of an exploration platforming experience where you take on mythological creatures.

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